I fucking hate you with the impotent passion of a million nuns' wet unfucked cunts.

I hate your fucking AIM-speak. It serves no discernible purpose. "Hare" is not any shorter of a fucking word than "hair." This makes you sound more fucking retarded than you would otherwise, which must have been quite the motherfucking challenge considering that your IQ appears to hover in the low 70's.

Even more than your complete lack of respect for the fucking english language, I FUCKING LOATHE YOUR POP-UP ADS.

Thank you so fucking much for inundating my fucking computer screen with bullshit.

You only have 21 entries and most of them are stupid fucking quizzes anyway.

If this was a joke, it was poorly executed. Either way, your diary is a complete fucking waste of server space, as your life is a complete fucking waste of perfectly good oxygen.

I hope you die in a tragic plane crash over the Alps.


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fuckyouviews at 9:07 p.m.

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